Frequently asked questions

Homelobang is a free-to-use platform (Web & App) for everyone by building up a community where information of on property lising can be exchanged freely.

We want to empower consumers on how they want to transact. We welcome both direct home owner or property professional (fee based or commission based), as we believe it is necessary to nature a vibrant eco-system with a mix of direct consumers and professional housing agents.

We only want you to share our site, if you had a wonderful experience.

No, we are a private entity. The purpose of our platform is to be provide a free-to-use HDB properties platform for all search for their ideal HDB homes.

No, as a community member you have the total freedom to choose how you want to transact and who you will like to take your housing loan from.

Maybank Singapore, our preferred bank partner will be an additional option for your consideration when you are exploring your housing loan or refinancing need.

If you have 10 or more properties for listing, either for sale or rental please email us at:  [email protected] and we will be glad to help.

No, we believe in an open eco-system and giving our members the choice of how they want to transact with property professionals

Our platform also aspire to help you reduce your marketing cost as it will be free-to-use for all.

This is a 2km radius (4km diameter) as a guide to help you find your dream property.

No, we are just individuals who saw a problem in the marketplace, and decided to come up with a solution that’s more efficient and friendly for our current property markets.

If you are a direct HDB home owner, you can only list one property per account. Approved agents will enjoy unlimited listings.

For HDB properties, you can do all the necessary documentation through The Housing Developoment Board(HDB) website, under their e-Services page.

However should you still need additional help, we have a team of lisenced professionals ready to help you with all your documentation need at an affordable price of S$399. These will be referral service to licensed property professionals who are on our panel. And 100% of your fees will be made payable to the dsignated property professional. We do not take any fees or compensation from this process.

We may be exploring that in the near future, however, we will want to focus on building up a residential listing community as a free platform for all to use.

No, we don’t.

This is the first site in Singapore that works as a platform where property buyers, sellers and landlord can come together to transact directly with each other without paying a fee or commission by using our platform. We want to give our community members access to a complete ecosystem of listings, allowing anyone to place their listings for free.

For all loans put through us to our preferred banking partner by property professionals, 100% of all standard referral fees by our banking partner will be passed on you. 

Passing on of the referral fees will be wholly managed and payable to you by Homelobang.

We know that many of you are an avid photographer. For those who upload curated photos of your properties and share our site, you may stand a chance to be featured by us for free!

You can also opt for a paid option:

Subscription Details:

A. Basic Subscription Plan

7 Days: 

1. Subscription Price - $12 (Andriod)

2. Subscription Price - $11.98 (iOS)

     i) Auto-renewing, until cancelled by user

A. Premier Subscription Plan

30 Days: 

1. Subscription Price - $29 (Andriod)

2. Subscription Price - $28.98 (iOS)

     i) Auto-renewing, until cancelled by user


No, our vison is to create a free-to-use platfrom (Web & Apps) with you being part of our community building process.