Importance of Listing Property With Photographs

Apr 21, 2017 by HomeLobang

The attitude of home buyers and sellers has changed during the recent times and people are keen to make the sources of inquiry faster and better. It is no wonder that real estate agents want to move ahead with smarter options of buying and selling properties and there is hardly a better alternative that can come to help when you have the advantage of internet. It is not just about promotion of property but the advertisement of your agency and the trust that it creates among the clients which... Read more

Landlords, are you upset with the property rental market?

Mar 31, 2017 by HomeLobang

Property rental market

The soft property rental market has caused rents to weaken considerably compared to five years ago when rental demand was very strong. Besides market factors, how fast a property gets rented out also depends on the landlord’s mentality.

Recently, I witnessed two contrasting rental cases within a very short span of time. In both cases, the landlords have owned their respective properties in different parts of Singapore since day... Read more