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Our Story

Gerald aka GQ
An avid toy collector and Hulk fan boy, GQ is known as a risk taker. He has a commendable track record of successful ventures & international patents with partners whom he regard as his mentors and benefactors. GQ and Kevin’s (co-founder of  Homelobang.com) goal was to create and kick start a self-sustaining online community for all properties transactions.  GQ believes it’s time to pay it forward thru Homelobang.com.sg. He stands by his aspiration of being marvel hero to his 2 young sons. .

Matthew aka Mr Ang
An “Ang Mo”, hence, his nick Mr. Ang, as coined by Kevin and GQ. Matthew’s love for this sunny island blossomed 20 years ago, when he decided to make Singapore his home. He considers “Bak Chor Mee” as his soul food and enjoys his cup of “Kopi gao” as his morning ritual before heading to work. A veteran IT professional who was somewhat infuriated over the availability of rental platforms in Singapore, Matthew was encouraged to team up with GQ and Kevin in attaining a self-sustaining online community for all properties transactions.

A Star Wars fanatic and a true blue HDB kid, Kevin enjoys bringing his two daughters to playgrounds near his estate and singing Disney’s theme songs together with them. He worked in the finance industry for the past 15 years and the idea of Homelobang.com came about when he was searching for his ideal HDB home. He wanted to create a community where both property professionals and homeowners may be united in one goal of creating a venue for all sorts of home transactions that will benefit both parties.

He believes that a free-to-use platform will be future of how properties information will be exchanged and how Homelobang.com (previously known as HDBdirect.com.sg) will bring balance to the current pay-to-list environment.


Service Lobangs

Homelobang is a complete platform where you can personalize, manage your listings and market your properties without listing fees. It is a community that welcomes sellers, buyers, renters and property professionals. Widen your marketing network without cost and be part of our community that makes selling, buying and renting property convenient and satisfying.

Chat functionality for privacy
Use our chat function to protect your privacy while you negotiate and communicate with fellow community members.

Administrative assistance
For a fee of $399, Homelobang can provide you with the option of having administrative assistance in selling, buying or renting your property. We have a team of licensed professionals to walk you through the process and assist you with all the necessary documentations.

Loan or Refinancing option
We have partnered with Maybank Singapore, to provide you with the option of loan or refinancing. And when your apply for a Maybank loan, you will get an exclusive conveyancing package unique only through our platform.